Announcement: Company relocation

Dear customer,

SMS Metaal & Pompen Service outgrew its premises! In recent years we have further developed our knowledge and expertise and have seen our workforce grow. Because our current housing is becoming too small and our wish to work with both companies from one location, we decided to look for a new accommodation.


I am proud to inform you that from 1 October 2020 SMS Metaal & Pompen Service will carry out its business activities from a new location: Atoomweg 20 C-D in Roosendaal.

Our service will, of course, remain as you expect from us. We are and will continue to be a company in wich expertise in engineering, maintenance work for steel structures, pump installations and piping is succesfully combined. And with this new and more spacious housing, we have more opportunities to expand this expertise. For example, the separate workspaces will be equipped with new cranes with more than sufficient lifting capacity. This increases the total capacity for heavier steel structures and improves the revision of rotating equipment. And with more storage space, we are able to increase the stock of spare parts for the pump industry.

Of course our flexibility, reliability and service on location remains self-evident. In short, we are preparing to serve you even better!

We look forward to continuing our pleasant cooperation from our new location on October 1, 2020.

We will keep you informed through our website


Yours faithfully,
SMS Metaal & Pompen Service


Ron van Nijnatten CEO

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